Team up with your friends and take on the Urban Bicycle Challenge (Scavenger Hunt)!

*** Food and prizes immediately following! ***

How it Works:
Bring some friends to team up with, or we'll help you form a team at the shop. Teams will consist of 2-4 riders, depending on participation. Once at the shop, we'll give you a sheet of items to collect on a route you determine (within the time limit).

What Should I Bring?
* Bike (any type of bike will do - road, mountain, beach cruiser, 
hybrid, fat bike, etc.)
* Phone or camera (to document your experience)
* Small Backpack (at least one member of your team should
have a backpack to hold the items you collect)
* Garmin or Strava (one person on each team should have a
way to track miles covered)
* Water and a Snack