Join in on the dirt fun Sunday Morning. Meet at the Bashas' at Golder Ranch Rd and be ready to roll at 6:45 for a loop of Honeybee trails. 
If you would like to let us know if you are coming, you can RSVP on our Facebook event page.
Honeybee Ride



Our goal is to make every ride as enjoyable and safe as possible.  However, we cannot guarantee anybody’s safety.  We rely on all riders to use proper riding techniques and if you are unsure of proper etiquette or proper technique please ask.  We are here to help.  There are unknown and unforeseen potential hazards in every ride so we do expect all riders to pay attention and take reasonable precautions.  Helmets are required.  If you choose to listen to music during rides we request you only use the headset in the right ear and keep the headset out of the left ear.  Communication is essential during all rides and having the ability to hear is a part of your responsibility to others.  Please also ride within your limitations.  We are not racing the Tour de France.  If we see that you are not riding within your limitations or are becoming a hazard to others we will bring this to your attentionWe do this for your and everybody’s safety. 

Also, it is everybody’s responsibility to follow all traffic laws.  We are not lemmings.  Just because somebody does something foolish does not mean you need to follow.  Use your head and enjoy your ride.