Quick tips for tomorrow's wet el tour de Tucson ride.
1- don't over dress but have layers ready.
2- before you get ready to ride be sure to put on some chamois cream, bag balm or Vaseline to protect yourself from the chaffing that comes with the grime from wet roads.
3- be sure to have glasses to protect your eyes from debris that will be kicked up from riders in front of you. 
4-to keep your head dry, pick up a disposable shower cap and put it over your helmet if it is a steady rain.
5- be extra cautious on the painted lines on the road and any train tracks.
6- watch out more than usual for inexperienced riders who might be less confident in wet conditions.
7- just because it is not sunny and warm does not mean you don't have to hydrate. Drink what you normally would for your planned ride.

Lastly, have fun! Be safe!