The most important piece of equipment you wear is your helmet, because you only have one brain! How often should you replace it? There are lots of thoughts on this but, for sure if you have crashed and hit your head, even at a lower rate of impact, the helmet needs to be replaced. Industry experts say helmets should be replaced between 3-8 years depending on how much they are used, have been exposed to the elements and how clean they are kept. Sweat and the salt it releases are corrosive and can be damaging to the foam and plastics of a helmet. Anything older than 8 years really should be replaced. Wiping down the helmet and inside pads with water after every ride will help keep yours clean to extend the life. We have a nice selection of helmets on hand from Giro, Cannondale, Bell, Giant and Lazer but also have the ability to supply you with high end helmets from Kask and Catlike. If you are unsure, stop in to your local bike shop and have us take a look.