It’s hard to believe 6 months has already gone by since we opened. In that time we have already had some amazing moments, made lots of new friends and hopefully ingrained ourselves into the Tucson cycling community. The goal when we opened was to provide the best service we could to cyclists of all ages and abilities, and be here for their every need. As we continue to grow we will keep to those goals while also improving what we have to offer.

Reaching cyclists of all ages and abilities has proven to be the easiest part. Our first official bike sale was a kids bike so Fin King will always be number one with us! Being located in such a great neighborhood has introduced us to many people who, because we are so convenient dragged that old bike out of storage and had us get it back up and running so they can enjoy cycling. Nothing has provided more joy than someone coming in and saying “I have not ridden a bike in 30 years,” then seeing the smile break out on their face as they take that first spin around the parking lot.

Our shop rides have grown from a few friends to a consistent group of riders who each week push each other, encourage new riders and like to have a good time. Some weeks are faster than others but we are striving to build groups for all level of riders. This is why we are doing our first “Easy Breezy” group ride and hope first time group riders and moderate pace cyclists will come out and enjoy the company.

By far the greatest connection we have made with our customers is through our shop events which we now hope to continue on a monthly basis. We started with a LIV/Giant Ladies night where we talked about Ladies specific geometry bikes and worked on some Mountain Bike skills. Our next event was our Bikes, Brews and Training tools night. It was a class on Power Meters in training and why it is good for everyone. It was taught by Rob Fleckenstein a Level 1 USA Cycling certified coach.

Most recently we had our Hammer Nutrition and basic Maintenance class discussing the benefits of using nutritional products, pre, during and post ride. Our head mechanic Jared showed everyone what to look for before you head out on a ride, how to change a tire with ease and how to properly clean a chain.

Each month we look to bring in new and exciting products and keep our customers up to speed on what is fun so be sure to stop in and see what we have changed or now carry. As always if talking cycling is what you enjoy you have a place to do it.

Thank you to all who have become part of our family and to those who have patronized our business. We look forward to many more exciting events and updates. As always, Pedal On!