One of the goals of opening Bicycle Ranch in Tucson was to be involved in the community and help everyone enjoy cycling. We have found a wonderful program to be involved with called Velo\ Vets. This is a local Tucson, non-profit organization that offers the opportunity for our U.S. Veterans to ride with encouraging experienced cyclists. Riding bikes is fun, energizing and empowering. These elements are universal and for some veterans are key to recovery and moving forward with their lives. 

The main focus is on riding with blind veterans and giving them back the experience of Freedom, speed, fun and competition. Velo\Vets is always looking for volunteers to join in on their rides. More information about the program, who it benefits and how you can participate can be found at

This is just one way we look forward to being involved in the Tucson bike community and be the local bike shop people think of when they think bicycling and Tucson.