El Tour de Tucson is the largest perimeter cycling event in the country. Up to 12,000 people show up to ride 40, 55, 75 or 103 miles every November around Tucson. People trail for months, and sometimes years to reach their goal. They eat right, train in all conditions and wear all the right gear. The one thing far too many people over look is making sure their bike is prepared.

A bicycle is a machine that has moving parts, and moving parts wear out. Most people think about tires and tubes, but overlook chain wear and the gears themselves. Wear on the equipment will vary with every rider but one thing is for sure, if the bike is not tuned up and in ideal condition, it can ruin all the other preparation and hard work in a blink of an eye.

Too many people start on tires that are old, worn or even torn, then wonder why they keep getting flats. If the gears do not shift smooth or the chain is so dirty you can't tell what color it really is, then too much energy is wasted in trying to get that bike to go forward.

A simple tune up a few weeks before a big ride like El tour de Tucson can make the difference between a thrilling day on the bike, or a day that ends in disappointment and a "did not finish."

Bicycle Ranch Tucson is offering a special on pre- El Tour tune ups from October 28th through November 10th. Call 520-219-4311 for details.

Pedal On!